Nothing to Wear

Before George
Labor and Delivery

June 10, 2021

Lulu’s biggest fear might be that you have nothing to wear. The months waiting for your arrival, she poured her love into finding the perfect outfits for you to wear. Unpacking our bags after your mom was admitted to a room in Labor and Delivery, we had nothing for you to wear. No onesie, no footy pajama, nothing.

Before her non-stress test on Monday, Kayla gathered every bit of newborn clothing into your Winnie the Pooh hamper and brought them to the laundry to wash. Despite our plans for her to be induced on Wednesday, they admitted her into a room in Labor and Delivery when her pressures kept creeping up at the NST.

Lulu would have been dismayed had she known that only adult-sized clothes filled our go-bags. When all the commotion settled down Monday evening, I raced home to eat some dinner, feed the dogs, and, most importantly, grab some clothes for you.

In the laundry room, I rifled through your overflowing hamper in search of the perfect outfit. Narrowing down the outfits to a reasonable few was not happening. Instead, I grabbed the hamper and threw it into the back seat of Hunter’s truck.

You might not believe me when I describe how many clothes we brought, so how about a picture instead.

George's Hospital Outfits

There's a ridiculous epilogue to this story. I took these clothes back to wash them before you wore them and brought the set I thought best. When the nurse (Angie) asked for a "sleeper", I had nothing to offer. Grandpa Charlie had to bring the rest when he brought Kayla her first meal after your arrival – eggplant parmesan (from Gratzi) and ice cream.