The first weeks

At Home

July 6, 2021

George's first few weeks at home

Twenty-five days have passed since you joined our family, George. I've learned that many of the cliche's you hear about parenthood seem to all be true. Time flying is no exception. In the last weeks of your mom's pregnancy, I searched for sappy songs about having a baby. You'll notice that there are very few that describe life with a newborn. Now I know why.

Taking time to reflect on these last few weeks has not been at the top of my to do list. There is not really a list at all. There is an app. The app tracks your poops, pees, feedings, and weight. Your mom can track her milk production, and I can track your developmental milestones.

Repeated advice from our wonderful nurses was to write our memories down now or we'd forget them. Here are a few:

Last week, your mom called me as I'm browsing a mountain of work emails in my office downstairs. "I need you," she says. I walk into the nursery and spot the streak of poop you sprayed across the changing table and onto the wipes. For your first poop outside the diaper, it was epic!

A tired George, probably proud of his big poop

You're getting better at tummy time. I don't know that you like it any more than you did initially, but you swap your head from side to side a few times each session. We aren't picking the best times for it though. We often do it after feeding you, and you seem to spit up close to half the time.

A happy baby keeping his parents awake late at night

George cruising down the street with his wubby

Your skill at escaping swaddles continues to improve. Only the perfect swaddle manages to heel your arms by your sides for a nap. You are more awake now during your waking hours. Our faces still remain your favorite object to stare at. Black and white images are a close second. You hate diaper changes unless you are drunk on milk, but you love baths and going for walks.

Reading is already a favorite activity for you in quiet times. In three weeks, you made it through Winnie the Pooh and are a few chapters into The Once and Future King. Don't worry, you'll never run out of books.

Figure 1: A Happy Independence Day!

Sunday marked your first big holiday! Independence Day. We didn’t do much celebrating of our nation, but we did spend a few quality hours at Alex’s with a few friends. Your outfit was adorable, even if it was too big.